We are an architectural, planning and landscape design firm serving commercial clients throughout California.
David Babcock + Associates was established in 1998, on the premise that superior work starts with personalized attention and collaboration with clients. Since then, DB+A’s portfolio has grown to include a diverse body of work including land planning, landscape architecture, and site plan strategies. The firm’s success is derived from the optimal combination of ingenuity and leadership throughout the design and construction process. DB+A’s planning and design team takes a hands-on approach with each project by directing the overall strategy, providing original design concepts, and tapping into sub-consultant resources whenever necessary.

Our Mission

As a boutique design firm, we stay nimble, efficient, and pride ourselves on the fact that we wear many hats. We approach every project with integrity, no matter the size or complexity of the work. Our goal is to find a balance between design and functionality, while adhering to the requirements outlined by our collaborative partners. We are planners, managers, landscape architects, and architects by trade. But more importantly we are passionate about what we do, motivated to build more meaningful spaces through our craft.
Preliminary drwaings of the Cordes Ranch streetscape and landscape in Tracy CaliforniaPreliminary drwaings of the Cordes Ranch streetscape and landscape in Tracy California

What We Do

The entire DB+A team serves as an advocate on behalf of our clients throughout the planning process. From initial design concepts and project planning to construction documentation and construction administration, we stay on top of the details, but never lose sight of the big picture. We can take the lead on sizable projects or offer sub-consulting in specialty areas of the architectural and landscape planning realm. Whether we play a large or small role in a project’s life cycle, finding ways to cultivate fresh thinking and innovative design solutions are always at the core of what we do.